Hospital in Galapagos

Check with your own physician concerning inoculations and prescriptions well before you go.
A yellow fever shot is needed for you to go on the Amazon trek, and if you get it through UHealth or your own provider, be sure to bring a document saying you have had the shot.  Getting one before you go is recommended, to give you more time to develop immunity.  If you do not get it, USFQ will arrange for you to have one.

What if I get sick?
Use the phone supplied to you to call the USFQ coordinator, who will help you.  For instance, On San Cristobal, she can take you to the new, large hospital and clinic shown above, will stay with you to interpret, and will notify your Galapagos family.

In case of a general emergency, like a tsunami, USFQ and the town at large have an established evacuation plan. If emergency evacuation and repatriation are not covered by your current health insurance, you can purchase this coverage from the UM’s Student Health Center.