Land on the galapagos island

Are there opportunities for visiting other Galapagos sites? |
Yes, during the week break, all the classes (including students from other Universities) will be taken to Santa Cruz and will be lodged in Puerto Ayora (the largest Galapagos city) for a few days.  You will meet with researchers from the famous Charles Darwin Station, hear talks from NGOs that are running successful conservation programs, visit the wonderful reptiles in the station (including a new exhibit on Lonesome George, thought to be the last of his species).  You will visit emblematic environments such as the humid highlands where you can see tortoises, Scalesia forests (imagine a forest of gigantic sunflowers!) and lava tunnels. During this trip, the class will visit other islands, possibly Bartolome and likely Isla Isabela, where if you walk along the beach you will be gauranteed to see many marine iguanas of all sizes, frigate birds, penguins, boobies, whimbrels, etc... Be sure to bring your pocket guide to Galapagos plants and animals!

Beaches on the Glapagos Island